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The Story of the Piri Piri Pepper and BONEHEADS FIRE GRILLED

There's a reason at BONEHEADS FIRE GRILLED why we like to say adventure is the spice of life. So the Boneheads story is really twofold — one is how we got started and the other is, "What the heck is piri piri?"

Let's start with the piri piri pepper. Around 1574, Portuguese explorers in search of a shortcut to the East stopped at a port in Mozambique to replenish their supplies. While there, they discovered something that would change their lives forever: a tiny pepper. Piri piri grew wild in the tiny nation, and the Portuguese people discovered all of the fantastic spices and sauces they could create with it. Maybe it was the flavors that the piri piri sauce brought out in the chicken and fish they cooked. Or the spices used with the natural herbs and oils to make marinades, bastes, and dipping sauces that to this day make you crave more. Or maybe it was the rumored aphrodisiac qualities.

Whatever it is about the piri piri pepper, the unique and unforgettable flavor lives on at BONEHEADS. We invite you to take the plunge and savor the spice of life for yourself!

Piri Piri Sauce

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Now to how we got started. One beautiful spring day in 2006, two different chefs driving two different cars simultaneously and accidentally collided. One chef was from Atlanta, Georgia, and had been noodling a casual restaurant concept that featured grilled fish. The other was from South Africa and was trying to introduce the U.S. to a specialty piri piri pepper sauce he had perfected in his home country. The two men eyed their cars — then each other — and declared themselves boneheads.

This, of course, proved to be a serendipitous collision — a happy accident. The mishap produced a professional partnership. Each chef's ideas married perfectly, and BONEHEADS FIRE GRILLED was born.

Today, we are focused on expanding the Boneheads brand throughout the Southeastern United States. We hope you check us out soon and try some of our delicious food seasoned with the piri piri pepper!